Walking Safaris

There is no better way of really experiencing wildlife and wildlife habitats than by getting out on foot to get an unforgettable up-close-and-personal experience of the bush. For many people a walking safari is the ultimate safari experience.

You can plan your walking safari according to your needs. You can combine walking and camel safari and cultural activities with Maasai people.

All Walking Safaris are led by qualified local guides who have perfect knowledge of the area and participated in specific training courses at Mkuru Training Camp.

Try our walking safari:

- Ol Donyo Landare Walking Safari
- Mkuru Walking Safari

  Ol Donyo Landare Walking Safari

Get some exercise and climb to the top of this pyramid. Ol Donyo Landare means in Maasai language, the mountain of goat. During all year it is possible to find little Maasai shepherds grazing their livestock on the small hill.
From the top of the Ol Donyo Landare, the view is amazing. On the south part, you can see the top of little Meru Mt and on the north-east side the Kilimanjaro is floating on the endless savannah. And on the way you can see the old telephone exchange set up by the Boers.

1 day
difficulty: medium
participant: from 2 to 16
Mkuru Walking Safari

The Maasai culture has a mystery in all its activities. The only way you can get to know what has never been written, is to meet them personally. They will show you their boma, they will tell you about their bush life experiences, they will really enchanted you with their stories. Mkuru is an unique Maasai village, which still lives and conserves the original Maasai traditions.

1 day
difficulty: easy
participant: from 2 to 16
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