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  Mt. Longido Camel Safari

If you are looking for a short but intense adventure, this is the safari for you. You will go trough the plains below Mt Meru, where the Maasai step start to become wild. The Longido mountains is your "guide" and will always tell you the right direction. You will cross, different kind of antelopes, zebras, giraffes, ostriches and many birds. The friendship of extraordinary Maasai and the unusual bush life are the fulcrum of our safaris.

3 days 2 nights
total kilometers 45
participants: from 2 to 6
january, february, june
Baboons Cave Camel Safari

If you want to know more about the Maasai culture and if you wish to escape from the town stress for one day, this is the safari for you. A short but intense experience. You will visit a baboon cave, which every night is invaded by more than 300 baboons. The extraordinary of this place, where it is still possible to observe e good try of a dam made in the colonial period, are the youth "Morani" and the old "Olpaiani" Maasai in the "Orpul". A traditional Maasai period of men's life, after which they become fitter and stronger.
To reach this place, you will have the chance to pass trough a piece of Maasai Steppe.

1 day
participants: up to 15
june to september, december to february
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